Italian Smart Art Experience

VASARI is an Italian national funded project that aims to provide a digital and immersive experience to visitors of cultural heritage sites in Italy. The project is co-financed by MIUR, with the support of the European Union, and was activated thanks to the PON R&I 2014-2020 and FSC Funds.

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My responsibilities

The project provided a great learning platform to apply and improve architectural knowledge in a concrete system. The project had a total of 14 partners with 8 industrial partners and 6 Italian universities. I started working in the project since 2019 and by 2020, this project became my major focus. Some of my responsibilities include:

  1. Coordinating with the partners to finalize the technical implementation architecture of the VASARI platform.

  2. Documenting the design decisions and creating different views such as component diagrams, sequence diagrams, data flow diagrams, etc. for the part of the project handled by Univaq.

  3. Configuring and deploying IoT devices such as AI-enabled cameras, IR counters and smoke detectors. Further, integrating them with Thingsboard IoT platform.

  4. Developing backend services as a part of the prototype to demonstrate specific functionalities of the VASARI system.

  5. Developing documentation for different deliverables under the leadership of Univaq.

Key Tools and Technologies used

Below I list some of the tools and technologies that I had used as a part of my responsibilities in the project.

  1. Lucidchart and C4Model for architectural Diagrams
  2. Python for implementing backend services (Webframework: Tornado)
  3. Thingsboard platform for IoT devices integration and raw data visualization
  4. Apache Kafka for streaming data from Thingsboard to other services in the platform
  5. Google Cloud for deploying some backend prototype